Product description
Nano Coat System



Product Features

Helps to quickly adjust the indoor temperature Adheres to any dry surface Suitable for walls, ceilings and architectural details Door and window frames Historic interiors Rooms with high natural humidity (indoor pools and bathrooms) Lofts Brilliant white colour Easy to use

Product advantages

Forms an active layer that improves the wall insulation
Promotes an ideal indoor temperature
Minimises thermal channels and saves energy
Minimal to none shrinkage

Product Features

Nano Coat Home® is a plaster building material with a low content of volatile organic compounds. It is water-soluble and it has been especially designed for interior use, helping reduce temperature losses and increase humidity. Nano Coat Home® adheres to most surfaces such as plastics, metals and absorbent mineral surfaces. It reduces heat loss and regulates the temperature in interior areas. The plaster building material is also suitable for use in historic buildings.

The foundation must be clean and free of impurities, grease and dust. Apply NANO PT and allow to dry. Mix manually or using a mixer at a low speed (under 500 revolutions/min.). If necessary, small quantities of water can be added to thin the mixture. Recommended ratio: max. 0.25 l water for 5 l product. Use a trowel to apply the product to the desired thickness. We recommend 1.5-2 mm. Avoid exposing the unused product to the air for longer periods to prevent stringiness and drying.

Technical information

1 l = 0.5 m²

Drying Time
12 - 16 hrs. at 23 °C and 50 % relative humidity.

Store closed in a dry place away from sources of heat and direct sunlight at 5 - 30 °C after opening.

Shelf life
24 months in the original unopened container in accordance with storage conditions.

Questions? Please review our FAQs!

Can I apply other layers on top of the NANO COAT HOME? For example, paint or wallpaper?

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Although the NANO COAT HOME is a snow-white layer and there’s no need to treat it or paint it in any way after its final sanding, if you wish, you can apply any type of surface treatment on it. When using interior paint, we recommend using vapour-permeable coats and, of course, wallpaper can be applied on it, too.

Can I apply the NANO COAT HOME on a damp wall?

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The NANO COAT HOME must be applied on a dry base, free of grease and dust. We recommend treating the base in a proper way before applying a layer. We recommend drying damp masonry, treating it with a remediation coat and applying the base layers only subsequently. For ununiform bases, we recommend applying the NANO AM first. 

What is the approximate return on my investment?

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Return on investment is individual and depends on the type of the structure and the type of heating or air conditioning. Also on the number of rooms it is used in. Essentially, the NANO COAT HOME can save up to 35% on energies, so it is an economically very efficient product. Application, drying and final treatment take much less time than in the case of other types of plasters. The layer to be applied is only 1,5 - 2 mm. In addition to money and energy, it definitely saves the time required for construction or renovation, too.

Can I use any type of wallpaper adhesive on NANO COAT HOME?

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Yes, all types of wallpaper adhesives can be used on Nano Coat Home.

Is it the same type of insulation as the insulation of the exterior surfaces?

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No. NANO COAT HOME is not “only” insulation. It is a patented multifunction layer with several key properties that help create a truly healthy microclimate indoors. Its application significantly reduces the transfer of heat to the structure. Therefore, the air cools down a lot slower and it can be heated up a lot faster; the set temperature in the interior can also be maintained longer. This way, a lot less energy is used. The same effect is achieved when cooling down the interior. The NCH helps to cool down the air indoors faster and, consequently, consumes a lot less energy on air conditioning.

How does the NANO COAT HOME prevent the appearance and growth of moulds in the room?

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After its application, the Nano Coat Home increases the surface temperature above dew point and, consequently, limits the condensation of water vapours and prevents the appearance of moulds. Its composition also prevents the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for creating a healthy home.

Can I apply Nano Coat Home on clay plaster?

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NANO COAT HOME can be used on any base but we recommend treating it first with the NANO PT penetration prime coat or with the NANO AM adhesion bonding primer, depending on the type of the base.     

Can I use Nano Coat Home in the bathroom?

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The NANO COAT HOME is a multifunction top layer that can be used indoors. Thanks to its vapour-permeability, it can be used not only in all the usual types of rooms but also in rooms with higher humidity, e.g. in bathrooms or basements. However, we do not recommend its direct contact with water because it is environment-friendly and water-soluble.

Is the NANO COAT HOME hygienically safe?

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NANO COAT HOME is an absolutely safe substance that can be used in various types of interiors. It has an extremely low content of VOC, i.e. of volatile organic compounds, and complies with the strictest standards. Thanks to its special surface that prevents the growth of moulds and microorganisms, it is highly suitable e.g. to clinics, schools, nurseries or to various types of public buildings.

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