How to Prevent the Appearance of Moulds in the Living Room with the Nano Coat System

How to Prevent the Appearance of Moulds in the Living Room with the Nano Coat System

If the living room is situated in a way that at least one of its walls is a circumferential (façade) wall, or if thermal bridges, windows, or a balcony, are present in it, heat may escape and water vapours may condense on the surface of the walls. This increases the risk of the appearance of moulds which are very harmful to human health. How to get rid of them while maintaining heat in the living room?

The biggest problem with moulds in the living room is that they tend to appear in inaccessible or hidden places (behind the sofa, in the corners of the room, behind the bookcases etc.). This increases the risk of not being able to remove all of them. Besides being a problem from the aesthetic aspect, moulds are dangerous to health, too. They release spores into the air. These particles are invisible but contaminate other objects and areas and lead to increased morbidity, respiratory infections, headaches and the subsequent development of allergies.

The Helske company has developed a special active substance based on nanostructures which offers several amazing features.

The Nano Coat System is vapour permeable, so moisture does not stay in the living room but escapes through the structure. In this way, humidity in the room can be reduced by even 10%, so the system acts as an effective prevention against the appearance of moulds. On the other hand, it creates a certain texture on the surface of the wall, which reflects heat and the living room stays pleasantly warm.

Which Places Should the Material be Applied to in the Living Room?

Apply the Nano Coat System to the reveals around the windows and the entrances to the balcony because these are the places where water vapours condense, which can
be prevented with the Nano Coat System. Apply it also to all the circumferential walls (façade, external walls) or to the places where thermal bridges are present.

Nano Coat System consists of: 

Nano PT - represents deep penetration that stabilizes the foundations. It is used for absorbent cohesive surfaces and is applied with a brush or roller.

Nano AM - it is used on all other surfaces where we can not use Nano PT. Thus, non-absorbent cohesive surfaces such as glass, iron and others. Apply with a brush or roller.

Nano TC - it is used to repair holes, cracks and small irregularities of size up to 3-4mm.

Nano Coat Homethe final layer of mass applied by a stainless comb trowel to a pre-treated, smooth surface of about 2 mm thick. After drying, grind the surface with sandpaper.


Apply in the following order: 

1. Nano PT or Nano AM,

2. Nano TC, if necessary to repair the surface,

3. final layer Nano Coat Home.



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