Solution to Improve Children’s Bedrooms for Allergics with the Nano Coat System

Solution to Improve Children’s Bedrooms for Allergics with the Nano Coat System

To ensure the healthy development of children, their room should meet the basic hygienic criteria. Besides aesthetics and design, it is important to take into account especially its functionality and the qualities of the various materials placed in the room. A healthy environment affects not only the immunity and health of the children but also their mental peace, enabling them to concentrate better and to achieve better results at school.

Ideal humidity in children’s bedrooms is around 40%. Humidity above 60% and a room temperature above 22°C may result in the appearance of moulds. Subsequently, the spores of the moulds get released into the air and they may induce hypersensitivity when inhaled. This manifests itself especially in children, as they can subsequently develop increased morbidity, frequent respiratory problems, sinusitis, nasal congestion or headaches. These can result even in allergies or asthma.

It is important to bear in mind creating a healthy environment for the children from the very beginning, from the first ever treatment of the walls.

The Nano Coat System has been developed with special technology based on nanostructures. This permeable material ensures the natural breathing of the walls and enables the passage of water vapour through the structure. At the same time, it prevents the condensation of water vapours on the surface of the walls, reducing the risk of the appearance of moulds. The system has an antibacterial surface and is suitable for rooms where allergics stay.

Which Places Should the Material be Applied to in Children’s Bedrooms?

The system can be applied to all the walls of the room, including the ceiling. Apply it also to the reveals around the windows and the entrances to the balcony because these are the places where heat escapes and water vapours condense, which can be prevented by the Nano Coat System. Apply the substance also to all the circumferential walls (façade, external walls) or to the places where thermal bridges are present.

Nano Coat System consists of: 

Nano PT - represents deep penetration that stabilizes the foundations. It is used for absorbent cohesive surfaces and is applied with a brush or roller.

Nano AM - it is used on all other surfaces where we can not use Nano PT. Thus, non-absorbent cohesive surfaces such as glass, iron and others. Apply with a brush or roller.

Nano TC - it is used to repair holes, cracks and small irregularities of size up to 3-4mm.

Nano Coat Homethe final layer of mass applied by a stainless comb trowel to a pre-treated, smooth surface of about 2 mm thick. After drying, grind the surface with sandpaper.


Apply in the following order: 

1. Nano PT or Nano AM,

2. Nano TC, if necessary to repair the surface,

3. final layer Nano Coat Home.


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